A question came to Shakta, founder of Radiant Child Yoga,  from a Radiant Child Yoga teacher and mother who was concerned about so much online time for her pre-teen children now that all their lessons are online.


My children are 13 (son) & 10 (daughter) who have been on remote learning for 7 weeks now. They are on zoom call from 8:30am -3:30 pm, with a 1-hr lunch break in which I have been doing twice a week a yoga class. They both are appreciating the class more & more, & have expressed that they really need the yoga.

I am very concerns about their brains (especially prefrontal cortex) being affected by technology since the brains are in the process of developing. I thought about doing something short every morning with them to help their brains be strong. I wonder if would you recommend which meditation or yoga exercise would be best for them for 5-10 min first thing in the morning? I truly appreciate it!  Meanwhile I’m projecting my trust in feeling/thinking that they are all safe & healthy.  And that their brains are developing fine, since I know that our inner vibration affects them. 

Shakta’s Response:

Here’s what comes to mind:

Have water breaks every hour, as well as sipping water throughout the day.  Show them the material from your Levels 1-3 manual about how water counters the effects of electronic equipment and wakes up the brain.

Take body breaks to stretch.  Just 5 min here and there.  The exercises on the brain-body video from your Yoga for Children with ADHD/Autism manual are good. You can have them do the exercises with you, a few at a time or all of them together.

I also recommend some of the games you learned in your Radiant Child Yoga 1-3 training.  Have fun with Zany Toss game, quiet down with the Bell Game, get the intrigue going with the Detective Game.

I don’t believe in “prescriptive” meditations.  Just see what they feel connected to as far as meditation.  Choose a couple meditations from the Kundalini Yoga book I wrote, and let them decide which is best for them in that moment. Make sure to give them time to run around outside and breathe in the fresh air, and go for walks in nature!

The most important thing is:  Circumstances don’t matter. State of being is the basis for everything that happens in life. Don’t use a reason like “I’m worried” to hold your energy back.  Stick with your strong intuition, which is obviously what you do most of the time.  Many blessings!



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