June with its temperamental climate lends itself to being a quieter month at the institute. Geeta has come out of retirement whilst Abhi her niece is in the first stages of motherhood. 

Guruji is still mantaining his daily practice at the age of 94, he is sharp and consistent with his teaching and continues to have an input during the classes.

Practice at the Institute

The timetable has changed since I was here in 2011 – Our Classes begin at 7am with Prashants wonderful philosophy and teachng, on a Wednesday and Saturday Geeta teaches the morning ladies class and Friday evenings we are led through a Pranayama session. Our mornings are followed with a 3 hour practice which gives us the opportunity to digest  and consolidate.

The walk through the park to the Institute

We have also had the opportunity to meet students and teachers from all over the world from the US, Australia and San Paulo in Brazil.


The first week has gone so quickly and now acclimatising to the way of life here in India we are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

So far…We have attended 2 Ladies classes one with Geeta and one with Guruji’s oldest student who has been studying with him since the age of 11. Arms and legs were definately worked well.

This morning we were back to Prashants mind provoking philosophy – Long stays in the pose incorporating the mind body and breath followed by 3 hours of practice.

Local eating place and coffee shop the Lalit Mahal

Experimenting with all the spices and vegetables of india and enjoying the time to cook

Our local Farm Shop

Local Super market.

Street Tailor measuring for a new suit

Fridays Pranayama and Saturdays ladies class with Geeta, both class worked very deeply on the back body. After much preparation we worked on Handstands, Wrist Balances, Head balance and Shoulder Balance – Amazing class! 

Sunday lunch at Severna our favouritre coffee house followed by a visit to Laximi Road.

Serverna on the FC road

Not so usual these days to see an Elephant on route

Laximi Road – Sells everything from fine linen to an array of indian mixed spices

Local spice Trader

Aladins cave – Brass Market  

Back just in time before the monsoon again!!! The last few days have been soooo wet!!

The end of our 3rd weeks – Backbends – Another great week of yoga – Prashant Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday asana class with Geeta, lot’s of standing then Salabhasana Ustrasana and Urdhva Dhanurasana (Several times). Geeta simply AMAZING!! an extremely fortunate experience.

Guruji teaches Abhi whilst we are practising, we all listen – There are so many adjustments still being taught.

At the Institute       

Reception and Shop                                          Statue of Ramamani Iyengar                                    

The Gardens                                                    Patanjali   


Our Street – Traditional


New road surface in process

It’s going to be a blessing when complete – This is our route when the park is closed – To the left is a small strip of road which caters for pedestrains but also 2 way traffic – It’s risky business!

Pune Schools are back this week  

Roads are very busy                                    Mum’s school pick up   

The last Saturday class – A mix of seated forward bends and back bends – Urdhva Dhanurasana, lifting inch by inch (tough going!) but as always the slow approach gives that time to diguest and go again!! Geeta has been giving many corrections – All seated forward bends in great detail before moving forward. Deeper connections were felt by all.

Finally wrapping up the month with the Wednesday The Ladies Class – Guruji set the sequencing and the thick mats and bolsters were all put away followed by Trikonasana, Ardha chandrasana, Sirsasana and Savangasana – As always a heap of adjustments to the legs! We worked on seperating the arch of the foot, Guruji expressed that the arch is like a mother and you have to give life from the arch to the toes and from the arch to the heels. Following the inversions – supported Supta Virasana, Supta Baddha Konasana and Savasana all taught beautifully with abdomen soft, groins soft.

What a month! Another enlightly and enjoyable experience – Yoga, shopping and India – Perfect!!


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