For about 2 years, my long-time friend and main organizer for China Kundalini Yoga trainings, Angad Kaur, had been asking me to bring Radiant Child Yoga to China.  She told me that especially there was interest in understanding how to connect with and help children who have Sensory Integration differences. When she said, “People are crying out for help with children with Autism.”, I knew I had to make it happen.  My hesitation?  Mainly the 16 plus hours of flight, and teaching many days without a break.  But I also knew that “there is a way through every block” as Yogi Bhajan’s Sutras for the Aquarian Age says.  So I asked Sarah Gigante, my partner in many Yoga for Children with ADHD/Autism training, to teach both RCY 1-3, the foundational training, as well as the Autism course. 

It was a great match! Sarah brings her Doctorate in Pediatric Physical Therapy to the table, and most importantly—her sensitivity, depth of experience working with children with emotional behavior disorder (EBD), and her deep connection to her own soul’s growth.  My husband helped us by donating miles so we were able to stretch out on the plane, so on August 13, off we flew!

We were greeted by a reception of lovely, grateful souls, flowers, hugs and excitement…as I have never seen anywhere else in my 20 years of travels around the world.  Upon arriving, something told me that this China Adventure was going to be very special!

Sarah and I agreed after one day of teaching that the students were so awesome to work with—for one, most of them were Kundalini yoga students or teachers, so most of our Radiant Child Yoga “background work” was already taken care of.  They expressed a deep longing to understand, and when their comments and questions were translated to us—we realized that they understood deeply what we were teaching, were going home at night using the tools with their own children, and already were inspiring everyone in the course with the results of happy, connected children.

One of my favorite experiences in the 5 days of teaching Radiant Child Yoga 1-3, and the 4 days of teaching ADHD/Autism, is just how much fun the Chinese students are.  They had a collective hardy laugh when surprised by some of the games we played—-I think you’ll understand what I mean when you watch the video we made from photos and videos during the training.

I learned from the students and organizers, especially Angad and Tej Anand, what it looks like to come from the heart and serve others.  They were so respectful of us as teachers, so generous with gifts (I came home with so many special Chinese teapots, cups, rare teas, beautiful scarfs and on and on….).   Both Sarah and I commented about the heart-centered, playful, generous nature of the people in the course, and how they showed us how to “play at being a child again”.  About all the gifts….Sarah’s luggage was overweight because of all the bountiful gifts bestowed on her by the students and organizers alike.

Sarah’s Comments:


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