Welcome to your 30 Minute Full Body Yoga Flow to Wake Up. 


Unroll your yoga mat and challenge yourself in this full body power yoga morning flow to enliven and awaken your energy. In this vinyasa sequence, we’ll move through strong poses and dynamic movements to build strength throughout the whole body. Step off the mat feeling a little sweaty, enlivened and most importantly – empowered to have a great day! 


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Here’s the thing – your yoga mat is more than a piece of exercise equipment. 


Whether you have a dedicated yoga space, a small corner of a room, a spot amid the chaos of kids and daily living – your mat is a sacred space. You don’t need Instagram worthy house plants and perfect white walls to find your power on and off the mat. I’m talking from experience, from living on a boat with just enough space to lay a mat down and trying to practice with my husband just feet (or less) away. Your power, inner fire and infinite human magic can always be reached through your yoga practice. 


Maybe you’re thinking, okay Allie, but I struggle to get on the mat period and now you want me to do a strong practice first thing in the morning? 


Yes, but hear me out. 


Together on the mat we’re going to work through a strong physical practice designed to wake up the body and enliven our energy. By facing our physical edges and realizing our own strength, we step off the mat ready to face any challenge that comes our way. 


That’s where this full body morning power flow really creates the magic. By empowering you to take on the rest of your day…… in just 30 minutes!


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For those of you feeling a bit nervous about the flow, let’s break it down a bit. 


We start by creating length and space throughout the body with a delicious child’s pose and side stretching sequence, before moving into upper body warm-ups, like puppy pose and sphinx. Then we move into our strengthening segment with a dynamic down dog sequence, low lunge sun salutations to keep building length, and a variation on the traditional sun salutation B sequence. 


Alright, ready to take on the day, and embrace your strength?


I’ll meet ya on the mat, 


Allie, xx


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